WUYIN is the Chinese Pinyin romanization for the word “infinite”.

In Chinese, WUYIN represents a vast world that has no boundaries.

Founded in 2018 by a Chinese design team, it is an original brand dedicated to hand-made high-end silver accessories.

The WUYIN logo pattern comes from the mathematical symbol “Infinity Symbol ∞” combined with the concept of “uroboros” in Greek mythology. Uroboros constantly devours itself and grows new bodies. This process represents infinite vitality. The dots from big to small represent infinite stars, forming a new “infinite universe” with the uroboros.

Out of passion for art and design, our designers create brand-new works and bring them life. Whether it is the “Hornsnake” series representing infinite life, the “Infinite Stars” symbolizing the vast universe, or even the “Soul Rebirth” confronting the dark theme of dead, we just want to express how we see the world in our hearts in a most unique way.

With the collaboration of manual carving and advanced modeling software, we are enabled to create works distinguished from traditional silver jewelries. The rotatable or detachable structures we have realized are all hard earned achievements from countless times of debugging and non-stop deep R&D of internal mechanical structures. The only objective is that the jewelries we provide will be not only decorative items worn for personal adornment, but also bring about a variety of playabilities. It is the design style for silver accessories in the new era.

The traditional lost wax casting allows the materials to be perfectly mixed and matched. The combination of metal and gemstone brings more matching style possibilities.

The joint cooperation between artists and the strong alliance between different fields enable us to create unlimited possibilities.

To create infinity from finite. To go from ephemeral to eternal.

THIS, is the world of WUYIN

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